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Newly completed commission

I’ve been a bit distracted here with a myriad of assorted things, one of which is a new puppy.   He is a border collie, which is a breed my husband and I have had and adored for many years.  Puppies are a LOT of work.  They are also a whole lot of FUN!

Here is a commissioned painting that I finished recently.  It is entitled “The Edge of Autumn”, done in acrylic.  The painting is 24″ x 32″.  Enjoy!


“Queen Tuts”

I rarely take commissions, and haven’t done a dog portrait painting in many years.  But recently I decided to portray this little beauty for some very nice people oirginally from the UK who now live in Alaska.

I had a Shetland Sheepdog once myself and do find the breed to be very delightful.

Her owners call her Tuts.  So I gave the painting a fitting title “Queen Tuts”.