Moving In

A pair of Titmice have decided to set up house-keeping in one of our front boxes.  I joined them in my lawn chair and watched them move in.  My presence didn’t bother them at all.  In fact I was waiting for one of them to ask for my help in exchange for pizza!


This load was too big to fit through the front door.  I’ve tried that before myself and have not had good results.


The pretty little Titmouse spouse watched and “bossed” from a nearby tree.  You know how it is.  Spouses can’t ever do it the “right” way…


(below)  ” Wonder what comes out of here…?”


This moss might work well for new carpet.  Too bad it’s the color that everyone HAD to have in the ’70’s.  These Titmice don’t seem to mind the out of date color at all…


Suddenly a bluebird arrived.  He had his eye on the same house.  But the Titmice outdid him and got there first.  Maybe they made a better offer to the seller?


(Below)  This is a once in a lifetime shot.  I was focused on the Titmouse, and only seconds later noticed there was a bluebird in the same shot.  A VERY quick aperture change, and wa-la!


One of the proud new home-owners…


Is there ANYTHING on the planet that is cuter than this???