Society of Animal Artists “Art and the Animal”

This year celebrated 50 years for the Society of Animal Artists.  The opening of the SAA’s  landmark art exhibition was hosted by the San Diego Natural History Museum on Sept 4th.  Artists from all over the world joined together to celebrate the occasion.  I felt most honored have my painting “The King’s Dragon” juried into this benchmark show.

(Below)  The art was displayed on three levels in the atrium of the museum.  Visitors from the public came in good numbers for viewing.


(Below)  My painting hung on the third and top level under the beautiful light of southern California.    My dragon and Kingfisher hangs in the middle here.


One of the best parts of any show or exhibition is the convergence of many great wildlife artists.   There is a special kinship among animal/bird painters.  And of course there are a lot of laughs along the way too.

(Below L-R)   Joni Johnson-Godsy, Morten Solberg, Andrew Denman, and Guy Combes.


For those who don’t follow the lives of wildlife artists,  Robert Bateman has spent his life not only creating some of the most beautiful and compelling wildlife art in the world, but he also has been a tireless champion for the wild world and the heritage he and others in the SAA would like to leave behind for our grandchildren.   Indeed, Bob is a remarkable man.


(Below) The annual Awards Dinner.   You can dress us up…but you can’t take us out!

Here Andrew Denman assists Kelly Singleton with her “Stretch Armstrong” impersonation.


In the end the fancy clothes only cover the outside.  We can’t  seem to help ourselves…our clownish natures still emerge from within!

A collaborative cocktail of crazy chemistry indeed!


(L to R)  Andrew Denman, Kelly Singleton, Sandra Blair, Joni Johnson-Godsy and Guy Combes